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Accepting a ride

Accept a ride and you will have all necessary details at hand, e.g. guests’ details, location, pickup and dropoff times.

Plan your workday

Most PROFI DRIVER rides are booked in advance, so accept the ones that best fit your schedule. You are notified as soon as there is a new offer available in your city.

Regular payment

 You will receive regular payments for your completed rides directly to your bank account.

Customer experince

All you need to do is deliver a great customer experience and we will take care of the rest.

Pricing and payment:

The price that you accept the ride for is the amount that will be transferred to your account — we deduct no taxes or fees. The price is calculated by our customer-facing system and is based on distance and time. Payments are made every day or weekly from PROFI DRIVER, directly via bank transfer to your bank account.