Lithuanian Airports joins project dedicated to people with hidden disabilities

Lithuanian Airports continues to work towards ensuring a high-quality passenger experience for individuals that may have additional needs.

The airport operator – Lithuanian Airports – has joined the international social project: The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.


The purpose of the project is to assist people with hidden disabilities, identify their needs better and help airport employees recognise passengers with concealed disabilities, as well as providing the necessary assistance on time.


The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower project was launched at Gatwick Airport in 2016 and now the symbol is being used at some of the biggest airports in the world. Lithuanian airports are the first in the Baltic States to express willingness to join the initiative.


A hidden disability has no physical characteristics and may encompass learning, speech, vision or hearing impairments, alongside functional restrictions or other chronic diseases. According to data provided, 74 per cent of people who have such disabilities do not use any aids. Therefore, a subtle, but visible international symbol of a sunflower was created for this purpose; it helps to identify that a person wearing this flower may be in need of additional assistance.


According to Rasa Petraitienė, Head of Passenger Experience Management Division at Lithuanian Airports: “We have developed a more convenient arrival at the airport, the passengers are accompanied, assisted in moving, provided the necessary equipment and/or their needs are met in other suitable ways. It is important for us to ensure a safe and smooth travelling experience for everybody.


“When arriving at of one of the three Lithuanian airports, the passenger with a hidden disability may ask for a special accessory with a sunflower symbol at the check-in desks. Our employees and partners have been trained and acquainted with the special needs so they are always considerate, and can allocate more attention and time in order to ensure a positive experience for these passengers.”