Smart Flows launches social distancing supervision for safer passenger travels

Not only do airports need to restore passenger trust, but it is crucial that all crowds are specifically monitored in this critical COVID-19 context.

Smart Flows has announced new software release that monitors passenger density all over airports; ensuring safer passenger travels and regulation compliancy.


Smart Flows tracks passengers’ flow in airports. Refined knowledge of airports topography and meticulous configuration of each airport map in the system allows the software to provide passenger density measurements that are significantly more accurate in comparison to when human counting or camera monitoring. Unlike costly technologies, Smart Flows covers 100 per cent of the airport, from kerb to gate, something that no other system can do.


The social distancing supervision supports airports’ business continuity during COVID-19, and the recovery period, by monitoring the live density of all areas in the airport. In each area, the number of square metres per passenger is provided live and compared to alert thresholds. In case a crowd becomes too dense, actions such as sending welcome staff to spread the passengers or checking hydroalcoholic gel provision can be taken.


Smart Flows supports airports in implementing several of the ACI recommendations identified in the “Aviation Operations During COVID-19 Business Restart and Recovery”.


Regarding business continuity, Smart Flows provides data that enables a better resource allocation (for example, adapting staff to traffic forecast) and a better decision-making process by providing a unique dataset for many stakeholders in the airport (terminal operations, APOC, commercial and marketing teams, top management) enabling a conversation that has never happened before.


On health-related matters and besides social distancing monitoring, Smart Flows supports the efficient cleaning of terminals when the need is triggered by the actual traffic in each area.


Smart Flows is a great asset to quantify and qualify the passenger experience: Overall time spent in the airport, identification of positive time spent in retail and F&B versus negative time spent in airport processes and time spent queuing are native KPIs with Smart Flows solution.